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i go to all the festivals and hang out with the girl illegally. the only goal is to be able to have sex with the head high. i also love to post my images on social media. fuck solomun and electronic music too...


über dj who came out 2 days ago in suma. it was worth it for me to go all that way. i went just for him anyway, i slept on a nice sun lounger until i waited for the other djs to finish and the song that opened my eyes was my solo. it was really very good. tisikkirler sipirmin


foals - late night is pretty good. i listen like a pervert. he is coming to istanbul on august 1 as part of the diynamic festival. it came on august 30 last year, and i listened to it with the eyes of the world. i will listen this year too, my ticket is ready. i can say that he is the best dj i've heard live so far. nice, david august didn't come across it.


(see: solomun oloykum)


the man who made an incredible trip sober.


i passed that, does a dj drink white wine while performing his art?!! how did you digest this job so well, bravo. (see: boiler room) video site/watch?v=bk6xst6euqk he also plays foreplay music himself.


we listened to it after the dynamic festival in suma this summer, you think


although he mainly works on minimal tech, he creates electronic masterpieces with sounds that shift to deep house in some of his pieces. foals - late night (solomun remix) solomun - living on (original mix) solomun - prinz mono