sodium laureth sulphate

sodium laureth sulphate

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a substance used as a foaming agent in shampoos and soaps. it is obtained from a poisonous substance called ethylene oxide, which is extremely harmful to the environment and living things. its damage to the skin is that it causes serious damage to the hydrolipidic layer of the skin.


i would like to give a recommendation for a shampoo that does not contain this harmful substance: the canadian live clean brand contains neither sls nor parabens, it is also vegan and is not tested on animals.


during the time i regularly use toothpastes containing this, 1 sore called aphtha appears in my mouth every week. sometimes these wounds come out in groups of 2, dragging my quality of life down. i thought my mouth sores were due to vitamin deficiency or something until i used the sls-free toothpaste for kids. although my dentist and pharmacist still think so and they pontificate that "toothpaste can't cause aphthae", but they certainly don't know my own body better than me.


is there any shampoo or shower gel left in the market that does not contain this damn substance? dalin, look, even dalin baby shampoo contains sls!


a molecule claimed to be carcinogenic when mixed with nitrates, although not carcinogenic on its own. it is also a skin irritant and can cause genetic mutations.…rritant.html


carcinogenic substance that you will encounter in the content of shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste in almost every brand that you can take a quick look at in your bathroom (including olive oil-based shampoo and shower gel claimed to be natural) that you can buy from touristic villages in the aegean


an ionic detergent substance found in almost all shampoos, which is claimed to be carcinogenic, but is not. it has properties such as absorbing oil and reducing the surface tension of water, which is of course a very good feature for is not carcinogenic, but it is a poisonous substance in high doses, so don't drink it...