socrates' defense

socrates' defense

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"now it's time to leave, i'm going to die and you guys are going to live your life. only god knows which one is better.""


the book with full english text available at (i was going to copy and paste, but i gave up when it was 16 pages and 47 thousand-odd characters... regards) edit: the link is gone, i put a new one.. edit2: for a page where you can read both the and english on the same page and also a link to greek: http:/ /…-sokratus.html


"they're killing you for no reason," he said while crying, "so what? would it be better if there was a reason?" his answer is a fine example of socrates' defense.


although it is not known whether it is a full text or not, how much of it belongs to whom**


we all know the defense style of socrates.. don't get anywhere by asking questions.. he did this in the face of critical questions directed at him.. what if a man had come out and said, socrates, my philosopher, that the question would not be answered with a question.. aha fuck you, the basis of the philosophy of all western civilization.. here's life like that.. like a cotton thread..


if socrates made that defense now, the judge says in the second sentence, okay, we understand, and continues: write! i do not accept the accusations thrown at me... as a small cog in the legal system, i love this system*