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they are people who lack moral values, see it as normal to act in harm's way to others, feel free of guilt, often maintain relationships with more than one person, do not tolerate criticism, put pressure on their victims by identifying their weaknesses very easily and removing them from society, and see themselves above the law.


it is frequently seen among managers, general managers, generals, politicians. they are white collar psychopaths. there is no way to deal with them. escape.


they are people who do not have the ability to empathize because of a psychological disorder. because they lack the ability to understand the thoughts or feelings of others, poking an eye with a spoon and turning a faucet are two equally neutral actions in their eyes. unlike the so-called psychopaths, they do not enjoy inflicting pain; they just hang out experimentally.


the problem of adapting to society due to advanced intelligence. since these people do not develop a sense of conscience, they easily have a tendency to commit crimes. they are dangerous because they are very intelligent. example:hannibal lecter-k.silence(a.hopkins),lisa-girl interrupted(a.jolie)....vs


as i understand it, it's what everyone deep down wants to be. find something else to make a premium for. teenagers you.