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if you buy flowers from here and take them to your lover's family, you may be asked "who is left from the old istanbulites", do not be surprised...


it is a flower shop that also has a branch in göztepe, kadıköy.


the name of a florist in Şişli.. quite old if i remember correctly.


how many soapcakes are there and which is the official website of real soapcakes bro? he opened a site with the name of soapcakis in front of him.


it seems like a nostalgic brand memory nowadays, it is a florist identical to istanbul. entering his shop would definitely make you feel the traces of istanbul's culture and life, even if you did not experience it in its history. i don't forget the freshness of the flower and the effect it left on my friend by following the advice given to a girlfriend who is not my girlfriend but nice conversation about the flower i want to buy in order to correct the confusion of her emotional state


prices are like arms. it is one of the oldest florists in istanbul. i once gave money like an arm for a flower in the early 2000s.


it is a floristry company operating in istanbul since 1874. istrati soapcakis from crete, the founder of the company, opened his first shop on istiklal caddesi no:366.


(see: longing for the past) is one of the traditions that have been formed in a long time and may be getting plants from soapcakis. it is not easy to be unchanging from those who change. it is in some tiny details that you learn and teach, the gypsy flower becomes instant happiness, it goes away, but it is said that he bought me a flower from soapcakis and it is unforgettable.*