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fuck it i found this too. friend, we can't buy comfortable clothes because of this thread. now, before i like what i'm going to buy, i look at the label to make sure it's not slim fit. i bought a shirt without seeing it once with this text on it. i couldn't even button it up. i stay away from slim fit since that day.


the cut that makes even the thinnest people look like a high school kid. regular fit clothes suit every human son better, slim fit is compressed, it causes an image like a whistle, it is very unappealing.


it bothers people with a navel, it spoils the eyes, it loses peace. *


the situation that caused the bodies to intermingle in clothing stores. you can wear a size m in a brand called "a", even xl in a brand named "b". classic fit is already slim fit for you.


(see: slim fat)


a pattern of people's clothing that, when viewed from the side, resembles a forward bracket mark. a style of clothing that reaches its true stature when completed with a converse or similar nonsense that looks like a clown shoe underneath.


i think every man with a thin waist and broad shoulders should have a bedside outfit. it's also the reason to start bodybuilding. it's addictive, after a while you don't want to buy any clothes that don't write 'slim fit' on the label.

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