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fuck off.. (i'm sleepy, i'm irritable again..) sleep is something supersonic.. dreaming is something even more supersonic.. sleeping 2 hours less every day, 2 hours more. instead of being exposed to traffic, nagging, stress, hair and fluff, i'd rather sleep 2 more hours, have supersonic dreams, navigate in the übersonis comfort of my basal metabolism, wake up like a cotton ball.. get enough sleep, even die..


it's like we live on a tropical island. our days and nights are spent having fun. hit it, let it play, let's wake up and get on iett. are you crazy? are you crazy? sleep as much as you can. shit..he's going to live long. your crush will die under the bus... the left side of my neck will sleep... it's not the work of a smart man. it is the result of temporary ambitions. it usually happens in the early 20s. then the water flows and finds its way. don't be hard on yourself dear.


in fact, when you think of sleep weekly or monthly rather than daily, that is, long-term, it is clear that no one sleeps less. for example, the person we perceive as a low sleeper probably travels with 3 hours of sleep for two or three days, but makes up for the rest of the time (weekends or other days).


will start the action as soon as possible. enough, half of my life is spent sleeping now. come on champ, no sleep.


is not sufficient. throughout my university life, i always slept poorly during exam weeks and no matter what, i couldn't get enough sleep. throughout my life, i have always envied people who sleep less, wake up fresh and spend their day. how do you do it lol?


we are consoled with the excuse that we are multiplying the times we live in.


it's something i've had to do since childhood because i'm a very light sleeper. i would also like to sleep like a literate person as soon as i put my mind to it, but it doesn't work. there will be no sound, there will be no light, i can't sleep in any other way, i wake up to the sound of the city... so when this happens, i wait for everyone to go to bed, i wait for the sounds from outside to cease/decrease, i see it's late at night. years passed when i said there was school in the morning, there was work, and i got used to living like this. one of the side effects is drooling eyes.

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