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for years, it could not go beyond the metaphor of "decaffeinated coffee" and "red ink". during the periods when the leaf did not move in the imperialist countries between 2000 and 2008, "there is no possibility of student movements again", he was whining in his "democracy now" interviews. now he is trying to stay up to date by stepping on the backs of wall street and tahrir. a full queue.


he wrote the foreword to the edition made on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the communist manifesto. in the article, he mentions that there are many names such as stalin and marx in communism, that it is not possible to find a cause of automatic capitalism against the ease of blaming the logic of communism, that anyone who opens his eyes attacks communism.


compares the american toilet with the german toilet and the french toilet. it says: in the german toilet, the shit stays up, it doesn't get into the water. you can both see and smell and see if you are sick. in the french toilet, the shit mixes with the water and goes. you can't see, you can't smell. in the american toilet, the shit mixes with the water, but it just stays in the water. you see, you can't smell it.


slavoj zizek wrote that the ideal audience of the matrix, or rather the fans of this movie, are idiots.