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he is one of the rare guitarists that we can say "aha this slash" when listening to his solos..


in an interview, "why is your hair covered like a curtain that covers your eyes, why are you avoiding people with your puffy face, what is this mysterious man's feet in a topcoat on the pier?" when asked, "i'm a little shy, i'm ashamed of my shape-shifting face while playing the guitar, sometimes i'm afraid to catch eye with that very beautiful girl in the front row, i hide, i hide, but she knows that i played the solo better for her," said the living guitar legend.


recep tayyip erdogan's participation in the artists' meeting organized has upset us all.…bd_1405148677_2515.jpg


in a bar he went to, he wanted to pay with a credit card, the bartender replied, "isn't there a slash on the card?" he didn't accept..


in his last statement, he said, "we no longer have the possibility of shutting down in a room and making music with axl. please don't come with this question any more. the old gnr staff will never come together. by the way, i slept with 400-500-odd women." this man is driving people crazy.


november rain has a solo shot on top of the piano, which is a moment that can be taught as a lesson in terms of shape, diagram, charisma and the notes pressed.