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the song that looks like the conversation of the aunts of the day because of the words of my heart and suckers.


it is a song that does not suit ebru gündeş even a gram, frankly, i found the song mediocre, but when i watched the clip of the song, i did not like the fact that the arabesque image of ebru gündeş, which we are used to, was replaced by a modern the woman, that arabesque voice and image do not match in any way and the clip does not suit her at all. , according to the general style of ebru gundes, his words are bald, etc., each of them did not have a job on one side, but that slow tempo also gave me a headache, here's the clip video site/watch?v=_clelasktyk


it's a very nice song that ebru gündeş has shot a new video for, video site/watch?v=_clelasktyk, first of all, the music of the song and the lyrics make you listen to it. ebru gündeş has an influence on this, of course, but there are parts of the song that don't sound like her. the person who sings those parts best in this country is clover lodi. so a clover lodi and ebru gun duet to this song could have been one of the best things of 2014 :(


the song with sad muscles in the clip.


is the misspelled form of the appropriation...


despite ebru gündeş's voice and the misspelling of the word "mustahak", i liked the song for the sake of her lyrics. tişkirler sensing aksu turn around and see if i hurt you


ebru gündeş song with a clip containing chronic mistakes


my heart is broken, my temper is broken, out of spite, the weather is warm, i don't have any strength, i'm very weak, what's more, i can't be so rude without you that i can't stand like a stone wall that i feel a little sad from crying, don't you feel a little sad, turn around and look if i hurt you, but i'm a sucker at me everything i put a worthy film, it did not wrap it, i became a film myself, there is no need for it, seyen aksu