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skoda superb

We saw it in front of the Rumeli Fortress the other day, we said is it Istanbul or is it big?


skoda superb

An officer was bribed with a car.


skoda superb

An example of the distance between the rear seat and the knees of a 180-height driver when the front seats are adjusted accordingly can be found in the link that has been renewed due to high demand, with 12,000 hits. Apologies to those who were discussing my legs.


skoda superb

I normally use a Lamborghini Aventador, but unfortunately it is not suitable for long journeys. So, for my 9-day Aegean-Mediterranean tour, I used a different vehicle. There were no mites or skunks, and the gear shifts and sound insulation were good, making it a comfortable ride.


skoda superb

It is the vehicle that I refused and requested instead of the fiat linea, which was allocated to me as an authority vehicle two weeks ago. I'm waiting, let's see what happens.

edit: i got fired.


skoda superb

The backseat passenger must use their cell phone to call the driver of the car.

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