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who does not miss friday; but it is a furniture site where tax evaders are concentrated. according to estimates, two hundred thousand people work. the overwhelming majority of the employees also lack social security.


where i decided to set up an office. the owner of the stove, who wrote in english next to the "happy tea house" sign: "happy tea january". i'm where the word ends...


it is a place where serious bargaining is required. you can buy a product with a price tag of 4000 tl for 2400 tl. start your bargain at 50% and go up to a maximum of 500 tl. work for cash. if you have the opportunity, buy the exhibited product because the exhibited product is of higher quality than what they will prepare for you.


world's 3rd largest furniture makers site in europe. a place where all kinds of woodwork can be found.


the furniture zone, where people describe places in a very nice gps logic, interesting dialogues are witnessed, looking like the wasteland of ankara, promised land for interior architects, decorators, furniture makers, craftsmen, etc. also, the following dialogue was encountered by me in this region: while the man was walking through the eagle brand arabs, he saw someone sitting and sipping tea and called out - halimm abeeeeey ( halim abi ) - eeeyy ( sir i wanted to say sole ) - how are you ( how are you ) - eeeeey ( good ) ask 8 times naaass = eeey nasssn = eeey nasssn eeey...nasssn = eeey...

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