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it's the problem of my code, which causes oksurege by flowing from the nose to the throat very nicely after it is low, and which has not passed for 1.5 months.


the name given in medical science to the snot flow of the brain from the nose and nasal passages.


it is a disease that requires air circulation between the sinuses and the nasal cavity to prevent it. one of the best ways to do this is to hum a song with your mouth closed, you know what the gaurus calls humming. i said to the friend who told me this, 'walk away and don't talk nonsense', but when i searched whether it was web md or pubmed, i saw that there are articles that really support this. for example, while i am writing this entry, i am humming the janissary anthem, let sinusitis fear me now. ceddin babannnn, nıı ıı nıııııı.....


it is a disease that only occurs in humans. in the examinations made in almost every animal, no inflammation was found. in fact, there are those who attribute this to the fact that people stand on two legs, contrary to nature. edit: turns out i didn't know how to write inflammation 7 years ago... edit2: i just learned that when 2008 came out from 2004, there was no 7 left. edit3 : it won't come out from 2004 to 2008.


think the main feature that makes this disease different is the sudden brutalization of the person with sinusitis; people want to solve the disease with primitiveness and brutality. in any other disease, "if i made a hole between my nose and forehead with a hand drill, and cleaned the inside with a brush... it wouldn't have been better if i put a lavash on my nose?" one does not think. in this disease, he wishes to burst the inflammation by hitting the head against the walls, and to take the pus out of the body with the pressure difference by diving meters deep. you will scrape the inside with a spatula...


this disease has really reset my faith in medical science. it was already a weak belief, but it's over. billions of dollars have been spent for thousands of years, hundreds of thousands of people have become "experts" in this field, but they still have not found a cure for sinusitis. fuck profession and science like that. engineers need to take over these jobs. otherwise there is no solution. let's go back to sinusitis. fuck you, you have sinus, microbe and inflammation like you. i'm going to go into my head with a drill, it's almost time.


"young man, who could not bear the pain of sinusitis, committed suicide by riding a motorcycle with wet hair..." seagle reported@zaytung.