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the miracle that delivers the product you purchased to you in an average of 15 days. please insist on shopping in the far east. each product arrives in 15 days and reaches the post office 500 meters away. that post office will bring you in how many days that great post office. there is no institution in the world more infamous than ptt.


bokton is an international shipping company. neither customer service nor online chat is useless. they simply said to the men that there has been no information update since may 25th, all information was updated on may 25th, i tell them the barcode number, there is no such barcode number. should not be preferred, a decent cargo company should be preferred by giving 2-3 dollars extra.


with the delivery of my order on june 4th on june 6th, it provided the 12-day period written on the cargo company.sites that brought it to the borders of the country on june 18th and made it reach via ptt on june 20th.…cel/postage-rates/273.html


by far the most successful postal company in terms of time in the far east orders.


one of the fastest companies among the shipping options available on aliexpress. all of my cargos sent with this company reached me within 15-16 days. that's why i usually prefer sellers who work with singapore post. edit: these days i got messages that there are problems in singapore post. it was said that the products are arriving late or returning from customs. my last order came in 20 days without any problems with singapore post, but still need to pay attention to the warnings.


there was no update after he left his country of origin on may 24th. have i been scammed? i contacted the seller, he said please wait a little longer, the deadline given by aliexpress on july 19 is over. i do not want to return, i feel sorry for the seller. don't mess with a crappy shipping company.


by far the worst shipping company in the world.


it wastes a lot of time until the product goes to singapore. though not so fast after arriving in singapore. whereas china post brought another product to the country in 3 days.