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he received an answer from memory to the question he asked from memory. meanwhile, we continued to recite what we memorized.


he was the rector of bahçeşehir international university*. i thought he was a student of the university and was ashamed on his behalf, but now i am ashamed on behalf of the board of directors of bahçeşehir university. what a pity. he exaggerated so much that at the end of his speech, 'i want to continue licking if you are available for the evening, chief.' i thought you would say. as a matter of fact, he has already made sentences that are not too far away.


we are blacklisted. these days will pass.


awesome whitewasher i want to have my room whitewashed.


he is one of the people who need to be discredited in the country after the order returns to democracy.. i was ashamed of what he did last night, he was not ashamed...


about 20 years ago, i was a legal english lecturer at the capital university, of which mehmet haberal is the founding rector. when i see the point he has reached today, i am amazed how the newly sweated almond mustache suits that european face.


let him pay for whatever, and let him ask us! edit: title stuck. by the way, i forgot, what did this woman do? deleting entries should be banned, people ask me what this woman has done. if it's on cnntürk, i need to scan the programs. edit2: Şirin payzın did not go to cnntürk on march 31, there was a program that day and she was not a guest. what did this woman do?

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