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he was resigned from his duty by the bey in balgat, for showing his place to one of the degenerate sons of the false chief. your alliance will collapse. it smells of salt now, how will you account for this to history, balgat sir!


it reminded them that the ideal hearths were also a foundation, and gave them another vision. in my opinion, he was one of the most successful presidents, if he was sacked after the hadd he reported to yavuz bahadıroğlu as alleged, it is a very sad situation.


(see: hacettepe associate professor who says atheists are retarded)


he is the person who raised his ideals to a social institution. he was an exemplary president as he should have been. there are various speculations about his separation; i hope none of them are true. but for whatever reason, at a time like this, no one would leave that task for their own reasons. he probably broke his headquarters pen for some shouldn't have been that simple; good luck chief.


i think akp has handed over universities to mhp that either university rectors come to visit him or he is visiting rectorate rectorate. the last time he came to istanbul university beyazit campus with a strobe car.


he finished his doctorate in 2018 and became an associate professor in 2020. good luck, what academic achievements!


probably completed his doctorate at the end of 2018 and with 70 ales and 73 language points, he was appointed as a lecturer at hacettepe university with a conditional announcement on 22.12.2018 as "to have a doctorate in the history of the the republic, to have at least 7 years of experience in the field after master's education". assigned. according to the result of the pre-evaluation, there is no candidate who passed the pre-evaluation other than himself. if the pdf goes, this is the image of the result:


there's nothing wrong with them

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