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the land of perfection in the dreams of samim, the hero of "we are alone", one of peyami safa's novels. kind of like moore's utopia.


it is the notebook in which the sincere character of peyami safa's book titled we are alone collects the thoughts that could not be realized in the structure of the period in which he lived. this notebook becomes a statelet model for him after a while. that is a utopia. he talks about simerania at every stage of the novel and writes sincerely and constantly. when he wants to escape from the troubles of real life, he finds himself in simerania.


simerenya is a dream, a harbor, a shelter, a land free from disappointments, despair and love pains. let's pass on what is an imagination in samim's mind, and the issue that really bothers me is this: is this sincere a schizophrenic? schizophrenics are patients who are condemned to the imaginations of their own dreams.


a world where samim, the character in peyami safa's novel we are alone, escapes from real life from time to time, is a utopia. also, liars are not accepted here. at the entrance of utopia, people pass the test.


it is a utopian country where samim, the protagonist in peyami safa's novel we are alone, takes refuge when he is bored or wants to escape from people. the biggest feature of simerania is that it is an island of happiness where all opposites are reconciled with each other. (see peyami safa) (see: we are alone)


"life in an imaginary country designed by a man who feels the uneasiness of a world in need of revolution, from the self-conception of today's people to the foundations of his knowledge, methods and value system with all its social institutions, by considering the possibilities of evolution one hundred and fifty years later, we are alone".


peyami safa wrote about the people living in simerania, inspired by friedrich nietzsche's concept of übermensch (overman).


the lie has become completely unnecessary; it has been understood that this is the need of man, who cannot reconcile the contrasts in nature and life, to cover one of the poles in order to create a harmony of appearance. if these contradictions are eliminated or removed, there will be no need for lies. that is, the temporary weapon in the hands of the helpless person against the drama of being polarized in his principle is a lie