siege of vienna

siege of vienna

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it is an event that i successfully concluded in 151 days in the strange game called europa universalis. but the doors of europe were not opened. i hope i will achieve this by winning the uefa cup next year.


it is a movement that drives the viennese to paranoid. after the siege, a civil service was assigned in the biggest church of the city, whose duty was to announce the arrival of the turks. in the 1960s, with the decision of the city council, the civil service in question was abolished on the grounds that there was no such danger anymore.*


for the turks, it contains a ukte in its presence, like the russians' effort to land in the warm seas. we were only able to get into the europe we wanted so much.


when the siege ended unsuccessfully, the cannons left behind by the ottoman army were melted by the austrians and a bell was made in vienna's largest cathedral.