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such films are produced very infrequently. in most of the scenarios, there are exaggerated aspects as well as very subtle touches. on the whole, it's definitely very successful. some details are disturbing and thought provoking. i really liked both movies. i highly recommend...


the most important difference from the first movie; in addition to director denis villeneuve and cinematographer roger deakins, composer johann johannsson is also absent from the cast. who knows, knows that this trio is behind important works such as sicario, arrival and prisoners. for this reason, considering the trailer, it looks like it will contain more action, unlike the heavy thriller in the first movie.


--- spoiler --- the opening scene of the movie. mexico-us border. while the rate of catholic+protestant christianity is 95 percent in mexico, a man commits suicide by saying allahu akbar in the movie. interesting --- spoiler ---


the sequel to sicario, whose teaser trailer was dropped. benicio del toro, josh brolin, catherine keener, lead actors. stefano sollima is the director of the movie. it will be released on 29 june 2018. fragment


as with many sequels, it wasn't as good as the first. although there are some striking scenes, it progresses mediocrely. sometimes it's best to leave it as is. the incident of benicio del toro and the little girl trying to reach the border by walking through the desert after the conflict and then getting caught was very cheap and simple…


since the author is taylor sheridan, the quality guarantee continues.


take a position guys, a movie is coming like a bomb.


it is a movie that has put very bad expectations with its first trailer. the tension dose in the trailer is quite high. of course, this has a high impact on the trailer music; sicario 2: soldado theme song, by the way, the scene in trailer 1:02 where benicio del toro is holding the trigger is legendary. although he couldn't fix the hole the first time :)