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the active ingredient in some products sold under the name of food supplement or slimming tea in the list of fraudulent and other products added in 2018, regularly published by the ministry of food, agriculture and livestock. however, some of these supplements contain both sildenafil and this. in other words, it is a cure-all for both sexual power, weight loss and depression. oh my brother, this is the area where these substances are used most arbitrarily in the country, be yourself, stay away from these things that you are not sure about.


a chemical that is given in minimal doses on doctor's advice, but contains four times the acceptable dose of "herbal" weight loss medications.


the license of drugs containing sibutramine was suspended across europe on the grounds that "it poses a risk in those with cardiovascular disease".…rler/7ml20100122191640sb.pdf…sibutramine/3940810en.pdf


the substance that is abundantly found in the fakes of herbal weight loss drugs. the strange thing is that the users, or rather, those who want to lose weight as soon as possible, were trying to find the drugs containing this substance by learning about the properties of this substance. don't do my advice.


if you hadn't banned this substance, if you had put it on a prescription, so many drugs wouldn't have been used.. there were only those who were cured of this drug.. it is a great antidepressant.. it cured my migraine, insulin resistance, depression and everything else.. i was taking 0.5 mg a day, the lowest dose half of them.. one of them took 50 gr, had a heart attack, the whole world stood up.. although it was a good medicine.. now i take one medicine for insulin resistance, one for depression, one for migraine.. peh!


as a result of the analysis of ankara provincial directorate of agriculture and forestry, it is also found in tea with teff seeds, it causes weight loss and should be avoided in terms of health.


let me put the end of the snri or ssri debate with snri'dır. because both are mentioned in the title. this drug, which is used in the treatment of obesity, also increases thermogenesis and cuts the appetite. should be used under medical supervision. shows sympathomimetic effect.


a chemical molecule that acts on the central nervous system to reduce the feeling of hunger. it is a drug that should be used with a doctor's prescription and under medical control, because as a result of improper use, it can cause severe side effects in the cardiovascular system, digestive system, central nervous system, skin, and sensory organs. it is necessary to be careful and sensitive especially when taken with other drugs (some anti-depressants, some migraine drugs, some drugs used in cough and cold treatment, etc.).