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for the case of wanting to bundle characters:…mwiki/pmwiki.php/main/shipping


the word generally used in the sense of sending a product that appears on gavur shopping sites. to use it in a sentence "brother, i found a hdd cooler the other day, it was delicious on the net, but they don't ship to the country"


it is the name given to the fans' expectation of a love relationship between the characters of the series, tv and movies. it comes from relationship. for example, see #10297434


these imaginary relationships are named by combining the names of the characters*. for example, jate*, skate*, lockate*. what happens in the series is called canon, what remains in the fanfics is called fanon.


the word meaning "maritime", which is generally used by maritime companies after their names, is also used in the sense of transportation and shipping.


it can be translated into the as to match or to match. it's normal for someone who doesn't know english to be confused when hearing this (although he can infer meaning from the context), because when you look at tureng, for example, you only come across the terms nautical and nautical. for example, consider two characters in a string who like each other but can't open.


what i've done in every period of my life, i've been shipping someone for as long as i can remember, it's like a disease. for example, i expected ash-misty moments even while watching pokemon.


if we approach the maritime issue within the scope of logistics, it is roughly divided into two: shipping: liner and tramp