shigatsu wa ki no uso

shigatsu wa ki no uso

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i watched the last 5 episodes of this after requiem for a dream. i'm writing from inside a black hole right now.


it is the anime that pulled the quilt over my head because i was ashamed to cry among friends in the dorm room and made me cry. my love for music and even the piano has grown into a passion with this anime. i'm going to learn to play the piano. :'(


i wish i wouldn't have watched.


an anime that will affect the life of the viewer. if you want to do something and can't find the strength to do it, you should definitely watch it. the finale almost made me cry. --- spoiler --- (see dit it reach you) --- spoiler ---


if you are a person who can empathize more or less, you will probably have changed a bit after watching this anime. a thousand and one kinds of suffering are carefully fed parts. as the last episode ends, one is filled with sadness.


this was my first anime. i started yesterday and it ended by itself today. i'm on fire. i don't know what to feel. my eyes are watering as i write this. a subtle sadness runs deep inside me. it left a very emotional mark on my imagination. my dear kaori, arima, tsubaki... it was an anime that both comforted me and made me suffer shigatsu... ah damn!