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currently, he is the owner of the troll "cem strangeoglu didn't die, they kidnapped him in erbil" heard from an aunt in the back of an intercity bus. while writing these lines, they are showing the tweet of the person on the right cross armchair with the headline 'awesome notice came about cem strangeoglu' in a women's program on tv. it is a great event both in terms of showing the coinage of the the media and in showing people's curiosity to cling to a gossip that sheds light on their own prejudices without seeing any source. i hope nothing happens to him legally.


his trolling that 51% of aselsan's shares were sold to israel has been so successful that even the sovereign donor will say, "what?" he had to think and ask the undersecretary.…agis/status/208840571299708928 this is what you call a troll. and look at those who call themselves trolls here minako.


ataturk of the twitter world. even years after his departure, he gets an islamist head...


cem strangeoğlu did not die in his time, he escaped after trolling many mainstream media outlets such as the main news, the republic and beyaz tv with his tweet, and now he received a supporter journalist's head with a tweet he sent all along. we're searching. rip


the dead man ate one of the government's most headstrong trolls. what a great man you were, five sheriff faisal, i remember with respect.


faysal, return, i gave the name of god, return to twitter. your lion is speaking please come back.


"some girls get tattoos of little angels, butterflies, etc. on their wrists, shoulders, etc. after their first sexual intercourse. that's it = i got fucked up tattoo"


the great master who left the twitter realm but whose ghost is haunting the whole country. the man was responsible for the lynching of a power scumbag who was sold fraudulently with a concept he brought to the lexicon of sex years ago. let me eat your testicles, come back now master

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