she was pretty

she was pretty

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series that i have watched over and over again. who's the editor, let me be your red hat... teach me to write too!


the series that i finished as of today. the first korean drama i watched. i finished in 1 day. their energies are badly messed up, i still haven't slept the 2nd night, i hope my nose doesn't bleed or something, i don't faint* it's a snap watch, it's crunchy. --- spoiler is coming slow down hooppp --- --- spoiler is coming slow down hooppp --- --- spoiler is coming slow down hooppp --- --- spoiler is coming slow down hooppp --- whoever is the "editor" who is skin to him, especially his energy, was perfect. dreams möm, once again entered my eyes. --- spoiler ends ---


it's the first and only korean drama i've watched that plays close to you in it. i came here because there is an element there, i think he may be the sweetest human being i've ever seen in the history of the series. shin hyuk aka worth ted. may god grant me first and then everyone, what shall we say *.


probably a korean drama that i don't like. there are only two positive things i can say about him, one is choi si won and the other is park seo joon. all my comments on the remaining drama are probably in a way that the majority will not like. i'm waiting and ready to be lynched.


it's a cute or cute korean drama. i'm especially sick of the joker element. and to the friend of the curly girl in the lead, who looks like she came out of an anime movie. --- spoiler --- kasudaaa --- spoiler ---


korean drama that feels like medicine after the love drama for rent. it can even be watched just for morale boosting.