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shawl sister

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it seems that it is the black propaganda stake that Çetin altan bey has thrown at us who defend our constitutional right and want to seek it in transparent institutions. thank you for this legacy. although there are no concepts such as voting or accountability in the decision-making mechanisms of an organization, such as a congregation, that is managed with a hierarchy, it has been very helpful as a propaganda tool to support the appointment of an "imam" to all the institutions of the state.


it is a recent lie that is gassed by the bigoted segment known for its hostility to atatürk on social media. it has already been proven that the pictures served belong to a completely different event. how more dishonest can you be? how much more mud can be thrown?…5395h.htm?interstitial=true…dinin-82-yillik-sirri--0412121200 26 and syz=471573


it's a ridiculous fabrication for which no tangible evidence is presented. in archive records, there is no servant of god who was hanged for opposing the hat law. the iskish citation opened because the british collaborator was a traitor. there is no evidence that the sheriff sister incident is real! this nation could not be taught to do resource research gitt.


wasn't she the sister in the baggy bag? i heard it from a religious people years ago, he hung it just because he was wearing a sheet, huh, republic


the "shawlmaker sister", who is called hanged from the hat, is actually hasan's daughter fatma, who was executed for murder. event ; (see kabataş lie) mentality t; (see kabataş liars)


the sister you are looking for could not be found. the photos you produced were also killers. actually you would have done the plot well, but this time it was not complete.


another propaganda issue about which no reliable source can be found. there is a legend quoted by hand cetin altan, "the scarf sister was going to be hanged", which was said by blessing ardik, but for some reason was not around. and a photo of someone else circulating on the internet. the rest m. dispatch eygi, kadir misiroglu etc. what they told. finding court records shouldn't be this hard. there is a similar story of exhuming and hanging the dead (see #46151666).