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if nothing happens to him, son of the bear we will watch in los angeles lakers in 10 years*


as far as we can tell from the video, he can shoot three-pointers. if there's a version of shaq with a three-pointer and a free-throw hit, he'll be a true terminator. due to his age, his physique is quite slim and will develop. if we divide the shaq in the video, we will probably get 3-4 shareefs *


i don't know about his talent, but if his father has the determination to work, his job may not be that easy. he is not 14 years old 2.03 height what the fuck. (bkz: arab you're doing the elongation shit)


his father, despite his many shortcomings, was the most unstoppable man in nba history. i don't think so, but; if there is a player of his size who can shoot free throws, middle distances and 3-pointers, they should close the nba'i, this league should never be played.


even if i didn't know who his father was, i would compare him to shaq when he came to the league. the beast was unfair competition, he was trying to crossover with that size.


the monstrous man i feared he would be 2.67 tall when he was 20.


(bkz: these are the generation from father to son)


while he was preparing for his first year in college with ucla, a heart ailment was detected during routine check-ups. he will have surgery and miss at least 1 year. there weren't great expectations from him, but this sad news could cost him his career.