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i just finished the book. it flowed like water, i don't understand how it ended, but there are things that are stuck in my head. why did the mayor commit suicide? what was the answer to the question of why it snows? why did heaven cause his son to go crazy and eventually die without being investigated? why did the barber walk away from the group after shooting the bear? why didn't the dove help the son of heaven, didn't he justify it, why did he condone this, would a person do this to the person who saved himself? why sir why? ???


the only condition for being shadowless is to be a shadow. we don't have what we say exists, maybe who can claim that everything we experience is real.


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it is a strange novel that fuses existential problems with surrealist elements.


while reading the novel, you feel as if you are walking through a cloud of fog. in the event you learned at the end, what kind of mind does this writer have, what has he lived, and you can't get rid of his influence for a few days by saying oh my god


i read the book after watching the movie. a novel with a taste of poetry, even if you watch the movie, i would definitely say read the book.


it is a purposeless novel that i don't understand why it was written, despite its tidy plot, i am surprised by which readers find it valuable and read it abundantly, and which jury gave the grand prize. what the hell is "carrying the fly that lands on the string of the sofa with folk songs"? we understood the 'truth', we also understood the magical one, but this stacking + delirium style depiction soup was too much for me.