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Quota-friendly master ripping small size movies in high quality resolution. 720p movies are 750 mb, 1080p movies 1.2gb. not to mention uploading ripped movies to many file sharing sites.


it is the platform that explains that it has permanently terminated its activities with the message "every journey must come to an end, this is the end of our journey". it was a pity. now we will cling more to the remaining right.


as my writer friend said, it was a functional site that allowed me to find hidden treasure movies, with its daily updated list and simple interface. now this is also history.

"shaanig has shut down permanently <<

every journey must come to an end, this is the end of our journey.

thank you for all your support. "

officially sorry with the message.


finally, this place is gone.

it was one of the easiest sites to follow. there is no longer here. they will not leave any site like this with a smooth interface soon, it is understood. not that morning, the ox sat inside me.


the ripper with 720p versions of the 40-minute standard sequences at 200 mb. how does a compression in 5 work? is it good?


he is turning the torrent world upside down with his x265 codec series and movie sharing. i'm telling you net, i got rid of x264 thanks to the new torrent world (see yyfy). though i have to eat his right, i got to know the x265 codec shares thanks to psa, but shaanig is sharing more up-to-date and better quality, especially in series sharing. also, shaanig encodes more hdtv versions as x265 after the series are released.

by the way, there is not only shaanig in the x265 realm, some encoders whose shares i use:
1) psa: shares in both hdtv and webdl versions, although it is generally 720p, it has also been shared in 1080p recently,
2) rmteam: started after psa, sharing content with x265, more updated and faster than psa, sharing in 1080p and 720p hdtv and webdl versions like psa,
3): if you are looking for quality on your x265 codec video, your address will probably be here. joybell shares 1080p and 2160p web dl and bluray,
4): shares with 480p and 720p x265 codecs. especially the seasonal package shares of the tv series,
5): lgc only shares 1080p like joybell, i haven't seen 720p sharing yet.

as you can see there are many alternatives to shaanig. but nowadays i only prefer shaanig. because it shares many strings with a file size of 200 mb or less in better quality and faster than other hdtv encoders. let's say you're watching lucifer, episode 12 of lucifer was broadcast on us tv last night. i wrote this entry at 20:48, if you check shaanig's profile on the kickass torrent, he posted the last episode of lucifer 14 hours ago, that is, around 6:30 am en. i guess this proves how fast the encoder is, but i prefer quality versions. if you say i don't have a problem like akk, there are alternatives.

by the way, you can only play x265 videos with certain video players. my suggestion is vlc player. an excellent open source, free video player that plays all kinds of file formats.

the links are dead because the site is closed, let it be mercy


my favorite encoder. i used to use yify before i discovered him, i met him a few years ago. it shares many movies with 6 channels with voice, moreover, it uploads to 7-8 different hosts as both part part and single link. no, if you say you don't deal with it, it also has torrent it does not have a problem with subtitles because it encodes it from known blurayers, if you want to embed a turkish voice, you do not hesitate because it writes the time to the second in its info. dual movies combined with turkish voice are full archival due to low size and high quality.


alternatives are ozlem, mkvcage, yify, anoxmous, etc.


i haven't been in for a long time, i looked at it today, the wind is blowing. i was downloading these series from here. what a mess was the closure. you upset gardaş yes.


the sound quality is much better than yify. i get the sound that i brought to the 45-50s on yify, and 25-30 in the shaanig versions. same as yify in terms of image quality but superior to it in sound. recommended ...