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stylistic defect. dude, don't make this guy broadcast. he is addressing ekrem İmamoğlu, as if he were a fellow soldier, on the national joint broadcast: "president, you are the president, you are such and such". i do not know, if he is a very talented man, let him be in the kitchen, but i beg you, do not put it on the air. what is "president"? are you a soldier friend? you will say "mr. president". you will say "you", not "you".


an unnecessary fake intellectual friend. where do they find such bouillon types is amazing.


a total narcissist. i watched it with interest because it brought out artists that we couldn't see on tv in the past, of course, turning the volume down when he started talking. after that, he started talking about himself and his family all the time, and he's notorious for interrupting guests. nowadays, the revolution is making a premium on it, its target audience is the romantic freshwater cihangir leftists who saved the homeland in the bar. i haven't watched since.


that feature of calling everyone you is very offensive and not nice at all. there is the president of the ibb in front of him and some people see this man as the president of the future. come on, leave the position, you can't address everyone as "you" in public.


watch the program he made on public tv in spite of himself. "yes, it's raining messages from our viewers. one of our viewers says that they are drooling. we thank our viewers who watched us and razed themselves. one of our viewers couldn't stand it and jumped off the bridge. we send greetings to him."


boring person who takes a guest hostage every sunday and forces them to talk for hours about revolution socialism cuba latin revolution etc etc.


an antipathetic server shouting me, me, me.. he also draws a very cocky image. he is a self-confident person who dyes his white hair and beard black. i feel sorry for him. i could not associate these smug and loose attitudes with public tv. folks are already fed up with the pool idiots, are we going to follow them.

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