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the man who's still got the news about the head transplant. wasn't this event mgs' viral?


he wanted to make his first try in 2017, good luck


he announced that he has a 10 million euro project for a head transplant (excluding the brain, of course), not a body. he is also a nobel candidate for this project. there are also those who accept to be a volunteer cadaver from many parts of the world. the aim of the professor is to transplant the head of a person who has suffered brain death for a total of 36 hours, for a total of 36 hours. an italian surgeon nicknamed frankenstein, who delayed the project due to ethical values. source


italian surgeon who claimed to be able to perform a head transplant. the surgery was to be tried on a russian computer engineer named valeri spiridonov in 2017. the surgery will last 36 hours and will involve more than 150 doctors and nurses. i don't know if he's a maniac or a psychopath, but he sure looks pretty confident.


the person who stated that he would perform the first head transplant. canavero, in a tedx speech in 2015, made a very bold claim and said that he would perform the first head transplant in 2017, but the truth is; the first head transplant was not performed. all of the organ transplants performed in recent years have different side effects and have been carried out thanks to years of collaboration of experts in the field. the technology and methods needed to perform a head transplant are not that advanced yet.


the fake doctor who went viral with mgs.…n_haber-81287p1.html i wouldn't expect this from hideo kojima, whom i love and count.


official facebook page link, moreover, created by a the agency;…omd/posts/394312270939686