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the person who secretly married mother wojcicki, sister of a woman named susan, who rented their garage to them when they first started the business.


he was an intern at wolfram before he founded google.


he is such a man of the people that i fear he will be killed.


while i can't pass mark zuckerberg news, i almost never see them on cheap news sites, which increases my respect for larry page and him. i am beautiful people. it's been 2011, the guys own google. this is the 17th entry about them.


tell me, he's a nice guy…-market-rent-2012-8 edit: i'm going to summarize: this dude bought the empty stores near where he lived and bought them "kids bookstore", "kids playground" renting it to businesses such as the market below the market price, thus contributing to making the neighborhood a more child/family friendly place.


the amazing guy who doesn't seem to care much about money. i wish they were rich all the time.


to see how sergey brin, whose personal fortune exceeds 20 billion usd, travels (see:


just kidding, it seems to me that one day, street gangs will cut their noses by saying "what are you trying to say with these glasses, are you an increase".

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