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when i saw the spinach pie title in the left frame, i thought of it, "the man hasn't eaten spinach pie for 10 years, my son", which bodybuilders love so much, this is the man in the deer. there must have been a pro card or something.


he became the subject of his basic anecdotes for a while, when cannabis was found in the blood of his friend, whom he put under doping control.


on the one hand, she wears pink bikini bottoms on the stage and tries to make her fellow men like her naked body; on the other hand, it's a variation that advises people to stay away from gay work.


bodybuilder whose video content is 95% reproaching someone or something.


bodybuilder who made a statement saying "i thought there would be raki or something at the most" after his friend, whom he had put on doping control, discovered cannabis. again in an interview with him, he said that he has gained 32 kilos since he started this sport. all of these 32 kilos are red muscle. spooky..


i'm eating dardanel light tuna at 2 o'clock at koşubakkal. brother ahmet came, he said is he still aktolga. i said bro, if a male athlete doesn't do scot curls, it wouldn't be a tzatziki. he took out a round pink petticoat from his pocket and ate it. i said bro, i said get away from those american attitudes and those gay things. adele said that if you click one click in 8-9 weeks, the development will be more humble. i said thank you bro. description: bodybuilder with 31 years of humble experience.


he became the wabba champion himself. but unfortunately no one in the country looked at him.


i have as much paint on my body as the protein powder you drink. i am one of the few athletes who brought this job to the country. everyone knows how humble i am

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