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the detail in his arrest is that the police entered the hotel room using the spare key, which is clearly a violation of housing immunity and human rights. it is this lawlessness that will be prosecuted, not an innocent joke! * i find it unnecessary to say 'get well soon' to him; as you use the same language, this will happen to you more often, be prepared.


- spoiler dear what are you, as someone who just moved in with my stroller, he always had the respect of a family elder at home.'' --- spoiler ---


the hospital article in the march 2014 issue of ot magazine is also beautiful. - i don't have insurance. that's why if i say "salam aleykum" to the hospital, they don't say "hello alaikum" to me before a month.


the beautiful person who was awarded the cevat fehmi baskut special award at the 20th yapi kredi afife jale theater awards.


the writer who doesn't tell anything new.


the more that comes to my mind, the more "how is it holding up, i wonder if it will last?" the naive woman i was worried about. i want something to happen and heal the wounds. as well as immediately.


in his novel kul, "a little food would settle for solitude and an anxious head." the author has been criticized for "doesn't know whether idioms can be broken down or changed," because he wrote this.