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the political points he makes in the works he creates are striking and truly inspiring.


an artist with video works in istanbul modern. the questions he asked in the video work were quite remarkable.


virtuous artist. although i know him first as a man of letters, his contributions to modern art cannot be ignored.


he is a bald-headed artist with his internationally acclaimed works. he did what suits him and showed his maturity by continuing to live in diyarbakir, not in istanbul, in the center of every shit. i wish it to always stay this beautiful and in diyarbakir.


fictional personality, gushing east. he is a fictional artist created by western contemporary artists who have not even seen the periphery in his life. is an art project modeled as a bald oriental with undershirts and in this way, video and photographic images are prepared. this group, which includes curators, artists and writers, participates in exhibitions under the name of Şener Özmen, writes books and continues to gush. it has a 3d donkey animation, it is recommended.


the man who makes you smile with his work.


the brain of the diyarbakır young art mafia; provoking the seminar held by vasif kort on the platform from diyarbakir; one of our young artists who caused confusion and set the whole young art community against each other in their artistic stories.


helpful art producer that you can see his latest video named don quixote at project 4l in july.