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when loneliness settles in this city, a bird dies in your sleep, you want to lose your head and lose your head, dark streets are blind, deaf, mute, you know, these roads are full of mountains and you fall on the roads, if you fall before reaching the half, the echo of your voice will be left at the end of the night. good luck, you become water, you flow, wildflowers bloom.... ....


it's an absolutely perfect immortal work that makes it very uncomfortable to stand up.


one of the most beautiful and heartfelt songs of the group interpretation that penetrates deep into the heart of every person and causes a slight ache in the crusted wounds...


the lyrics of this song belong to İbrahim karaca and the composition belongs to grup yorum. it is a matter of curiosity how hilmi yaraıcı, who sang the song, sang such a naive song beautifully.


group commentary song where politics is felt the least.


group commentary song i heard at a 15th grade disco in fethiye, out of old the movies. folks danced all night to raunchy music, arranged tourist chicks or something. at the end of the night, it's time to play romance. after a few standard songs, a farewell is played. of course, nobody knows anything, tourists don't understand anything anyway, our veckes are worse than them... i better understand why your comment is intimidating some bars by saying we don't have our songs served as appetizers...


the most popular group commentary song reminiscent of the first youth... the city where the loneliness fell would change but this melody would not change... it is a song that reminds of separations. whenever i hear it, i listen with longing and respect... i bid farewell to those times again.