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doctor created to pray. how does one pray so beautifully? if i were god i would accept them all.


i think there was some diarrhea.


atatürk can be criticised, the critic can also be criticised, but what about those saints' airs of pretense?


the blessed person who named himself senai must have had a great share in his dealings with du'a and senâ so much. their names somehow affect people. our master the prophet (saas) also stated that one of the rights of children over their parents is to give them beautiful names.


he is a person who tries to get a rating out of blood knowing that even a colombian citizen will laugh at him with his ass. he chose this way to disgrace himself. their choices must be respected. i think it would have been less disgraceful if he had stripped down and ran naked at the olympics. a mustachioed turk protested the medals that could not be obtained, he used to say about the newspapers. anyway, that's the language; you can be a vizier or a disgrace... by the way, you have a beautiful head, my volume. bye bye use it.


you can't be fired from trt. the man who declared the founder of the the republic responsible for terrorism will continue to work at trt. digest it now, the country. it's over. "we lost, they won. this country is not that country anymore. they fucked their past and present. accept it."


almond who can't think strategically. if you are going to curse mustafa kemal, if you are going to declare how impersonal you are, what if you had done this before the month of ramadan, blessed? now you were getting thousands of dollars per program. anyway, i hope next ramadan. note: i hope your lord accepts your prayers and you reach eternity as soon as possible.