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facebook page what should we do not cry longing?


an example of the undervalued. pop artists are held in high esteem in this country. besides, i would love to dance while he sings tango.


in an interview with nokta magazine, he said 'sometimes i cry to my own voice while singing', and he has a voice that belongs to the times when we couldn't live. what a privilege it is to cry in your own voice, sema, how beautiful. while you are crying for the privacy of the foxtrots witnessed while listening to the phonograph, you are like your selfishness, because you belong to the phonograph and to the present. private things are not shared, it requires silence, but you, please don't be silent woman!


the lady who was smashed to the ground with the song "longing".. "...healing my problem in lonely darkness"


while walking on istiklal street, one of them stood out among all the sounds. i stopped and listened to where it came from. my friend pointed with his index finger the instant host of that voice. what a good thing! now he's listening to this beautiful voice with me from all şemdin... this is the eastern house of that sound..


can a person fall in love with a voice? it's happening...


how does that sound!! what a flirtatious person she is.. she is the woman who made me look at the wheel while canto in traffic today.


the female artist who created wonders with her rock record sound in the album "legend ladies". it carries the songs of the "legendary" singers of the era, such as mrs. seyyan, mermaid eftalya, and ms. mürşide. it is impossible to get enough of listening to the tangos he sang.