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selahattin demirtaş

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he gave a bad adjustment to someone by saying, "we have both a mufti candidate and a socialist candidate. thank god we don't have a thief candidate".


according to candaş tolga işık; "what does hdp leader demirtaş think about gay marriage?" he answered the question by calling himself: "friends have sent your offer now. but i don't think so right now. we are very happy with my wife. thank you."


i did not vote for him. because the day he gets a little stronger than me, he's at the beginning of a move that will strangle me without thinking.


hdp leader, who showed that he assimilated secularism by saying that he would turn the presidency of religious affairs into the presidency of faith affairs and ensure that it provides services to all religions and sects. you may not agree with every opinion of the man, but give him his due.


in the neutral zone program, he said "whatever Öcalan says happens." and he said, "we invited dengir mir mehmet fırat to the party, thank goodness he didn't break us". this is the real leftist. leftist, acting on the orders of the leader of the organization, hoping for help from the former landlord akp. true leftists can vote. a man just for you.

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