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it's an incredibly offensive term. i read your message but it means i'm not responding i guess in adolescent jargon.. yyk!


sentence formed by my student in class today. i didn't understand, of course, "did he take a picture?" i asked. they said no, sir, they explained the situation. i guess i'm getting old.


it's just one of the new mental harm phrases as an attempt to make an inaction look like an act. what do you do when you close the blue button? are you crying i'll leave one here too; close the end: can be used for those who have closed the last seen. the person you "stalked" is actually trying to send you a passive-aggressive message, that is, it's the end. how? did it make sense? ok, add this phrase to your vocabulary. we've already buried the, and we'll have roasted its halva.


it's a ridiculous, stupid term.


languages always evolve into easier ones. but there are such strange exceptions. you have seen my message, it can be "you have seen my message". it can be said "started" instead of started. expressions i don't use.


addicted to having everything he wants right now, the world is the problem that the people who freeze around me raise for themselves. the more you are free to want to send a message or not, the more right the other person is not to want to reply and not to reply at that moment. i'm not talking about exceptional cases.


they just made up a term like being a graduate out of their ass. it would be unfair to expect anything else from a generation that has really grown up so fast. the coin term that virtual babies have just started to use, who live their bilateral relations only on instagram and whatsapp, who cannot put two words together outside.


definition as far as i understand: the state of not responding to the other party's message. i guess there is no need to press an extra button or send it.

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