seeing your mother die in a dream

seeing your mother die in a dream

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seeing your mother die in a dream and saying "oh it was a dream!" it is a disastrous subconscious event that can appear as an event that causes your foreign country to hurt for the first time, when you wake up and realize that you are in a hotel room when you are in a state full of desire to kiss. it hurts people most of the time.


seeing the death of a mother or any other person in a dream indicates that you blame him. the dead, sick or similar people are the symbols of our guilt. this analysis is not an interpretation or an interpretation. can solve the case..


it doesn't hurt when you wake up, like seeing your mother alive in a dream.


if you happen to see your mother dying in your dream, don't fuck off and tell her that. i said it and took my share. -mom, i dreamed of you! + oh no? -you were dead. i'm going to die too, get rid of it anyway. -oh, don't be silly, mom. + no, no, no. -your life is long, ehehe. +dit dit dit... -mom? mom?


if you are 8 years old, the mother is in the next room, as soon as she wakes up, she runs to hug her and make her cry. but if you're pretty much over 8 years old, if you've done multiples and mom isn't in the next room, maybe you can't even cry. that feeling passed through you. or you cry, i didn't know.


especially if the person is very, very far away from their mother at this time, the reason for sitting and sobbing.


it is even more painful that it was seen in the evening of the second day he learned that he had cancer... it is very painful.. it continues regularly at least 5-6 times during the days following this day...

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