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school with primary and secondary school level.


the school where i have been scrutinizing the social media accounts of the school and its employees since morning. (bkz: good things happen in this country too)


it's the school i've been aware of thanks to twitter. then i went to his site blah blah, it was minimal and readable. then i read some articles written by the founder. i liked it. what i really like is the workshop part they call seedling workshops. it's not an advertisement or anything, i don't know the owner. my daughter's school is close to us. we also renewed the registration. but let me announce here that it will be a nice and attentive school. i guess those living around will understand somehow.


it is a different school where the principal and teachers wear suits and cut ribbons and inaugurate the trampoline. it feels like a child is born. the bearded gentleman with the megaphone is also the principal of the school (see: your mujdat ataman)

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if i had a child, i would not give it to this school, which has adopted the motto of humanity, humanism, respect for differences, empathy, etc., which has no real meaning in real life. when the child leaves this place, the jackal, the barzo, the wolf, the swindler, the insider will be crushed and destroyed in the human profile. stop these fantasies, reality hurts.