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a portrait with a hole in the eye part, which is not closely related to the eye on the painting, looking from the secret compartment behind the painting in horror movies. what we call this sedat bucak is actually a mysterious figurine seen in amusement parks, behind which one gets photographed. those eyes can't be hers, there's definitely someone behind her.


sentenced to 1 year and 15 days in prison for the crimes of "hiding the whereabouts of abdullah Çatlı, wanted with a warrant of arrest in absentia, without informing the authorities", "forming a gang" and "possession of a grave weapon", his sentence suspended, if he commits the same crime (!) dyp ex-deputy of my beautiful state of law the country, who will have to go to prison if he does it again within the next year.


he was such a man that even his bodyguard's car was well-known. isn't it interesting that the 63* plate car is recognized even in antalya? i remember; my friend had bought his bodyguard's car and the cops didn't issue a fine when they saw the plate. (that's why my friend exaggerated the modification, finally the car exploded.)


i don't know how many times he is a parliamentary candidate with a pirupak memory reset after the silence. for the nominee this time: (see: mehmet agar) (see: democratic party)


person who is likely to re-enter parliament when he should be behind bars. fortunately, he doesn't feel lonely in ankara, after all, all his friends are there.


the tribal chief who said, "whatever i did, i did with the knowledge of the state officials" and listed the list below. 9th president süleyman demirel, former prime minister tansu Çiller, former chief of general staff doğan wrestling, former public security corps commander hasan kundakçı, then head of internal affairs mehmet ağar, former diyarbakır gendarmerie commander eşref hatipoğlu among the witnesses


considering that he was taken to the hospital with a serious injury and unconsciousness in the susurluk accident, i wonder how he could have taken the bag belonging to abdullah catlı at that time, the person the state used both his family, money and place against the pkk. of course, sedat bucak got something in return. immunity, glory etc.


susurluk forgetful, the man who proved how "effective" the words "i don't know, i don't remember" can of the personalities that can't be touched in this state*... (see: deep state) (see: mehmet agar)