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the chick who makes me think that cem ògretir is a very lucky man every time i see him.


it is not at all artificially beautiful. these eyes saw the voice alive. mashallah she has a super beauty.


lastly, he came to the fore when he could not say the word "barcelona". click here for the video of the event.


the beautiful cnn announcer who is married to cem does the main news at atv. when they presented the news at the same time as her husband last summer, she received higher ratings than her husband. we love the pink jackets she wears on the news but the main reason we're hooked on her is because she looks incredibly similar to natalie portman.


he was in my junior year in college. back then, everyone compared her to julia roberts. it was indeed very similar. the situation today is very different. but both of them are very beautiful.


a quality newscaster who can be considered a legend for a person like me who loves bluntness. i really like her presentation, gestures, accents and everything. although, i think the reason i like him is because my list of channels that can be watched on tv is fake news, but we have news channels and lousy sports channels. anyway, i'd appreciate it if he shortened his knuckle a little bit like before. (see: blunt hair) by the way, greetings to his precious wife, mr. cem.


he is a newscaster who used to provide better news and now squeaks in strange voices and intonations on ntv main news. either trying to be different or after becoming a mother, she got the disease of 'the speaker who speaks with her voice as if she is talking to a child'.


ntv main news bulletin presenter, afeti devran, is the reason why i watch the successful anchorwoman.ntv from eskişehir. for some reason, when i see ms. seda on the screen, i have a feeling that she has all the qualities that a lady-like woman should have. in reality, i guess.