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watched the movie four times. a truly goosebumps drama. from time to time it awakens something in the innermost parts of your heart. you understand the breadth of the imagination. you see the best bond between a mother and child and understand what it means to meet the world through the eyes of a young child. he is very successful in acting and screenplay. he deserves the awards he has received.


this time things are a little tricky. always in a hurry. i was very tired when i said that, this, that. i was so full. i don't cry much. so maybe once every 5-10 years. i grew up like that, but this movie touched me a lot. it was too hard for me. i say i know, i say fiction, i can't help myself again. whoever violates the rights of a child should definitely not be forgiven. absolutely.


the name of the movie (see room) translated into the, which would be a shortcoming not to be watched. also (see: what's the deal)


2015 drama film based on the book of the same name by emma donghue. the film is about a woman who is kidnapped by a foreign man and imprisoned in a box-like room, and her son, who is born after being raped. - spoiler --- spoilers ---


the movie about the drama of a woman who is forcibly imprisoned in a room.


since he was born in the room and has no other experience, it is a less problematic situation for the child, which you can see more clearly afterward, but it is not the case in terms of purpose. --- spoiler --- jack adapts to life immediately and becomes even happier, but the same is not true for his mother. despite all his devotion, even in the interview, his accusation causes him to completely collapse. since the second episode was very mediocre, it would have been much more effective if the movie had been finished in the scene where he got back to his mother after javk escaped. --- spoilers ---


its original name is room . awesome movie. must watch.