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secret hitler

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the game with the most active online community at green if you want to play together.


this is the game that must be played so that the youth of this country can understand the political agenda of the country. according to the card assigned to you, which can be associated with the environment in which you were born, it allows you to understand how you can naturally resort to manipulation to save your ass and what kind of capacity you have in you to lie when the environment is said to be free. very successful, definitely play it and keep your eyes open to such moves.


i saw it in a cafe i went to in bursa and the man who ran the game said that he made the game himself. after playing it, i thought it would be worth it, downloaded it as a pdf from their site and pasted it on the cardboard. i don't think it's any different from the original, but it took my time. it's a fun game to play, especially if you're 7 people, but don't bother with it like me...


i would appreciate if friends who can play with discord green it up. finding someone playing the game is worse than looking for a needle in a haystack.


a game like vampire-village, thief-police games.


it's a fun game for role-players, but it takes a lot of work to learn at first. those who want to play can green it.


in this game, as soon as the fascists succeed in killing a liberal, there is no need to hide themselves. they are passing fascist laws in the eyes of liberals. the situation in the country is like this.


bought the board game for a very affordable price. 8 friends played it. 8 people was a bit too much for me personally, i think 7 people are the most ideal. there was a lot of alcohol in the environment while we were playing, which was a big mistake. it should definitely be played with a sober head. but it's a fun game like an animal, especially when played seriously, there are very dirty fights, friendship is on the ground... 10/10