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second life

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the game that is constantly advertised on eksorözlük. constantly showing pregnant women, offspring and stuff. now i'm going to download a game to listen to nagging and change diapers. interesting advertising strategy.


kli from the connection speed (or should i say from the telecom); considering the situations such as not being able to move your hand in the game, being frozen every time you try to advance, and not being able to use any innovation with pleasure, this is the game that makes one think that this is the fate of the turks, it does not change whether it is in the first life or the second.


every 4 virtual characters created in this game cause carbon dioxide emissions as much as 1 real person.


such a company was opened before us in the past. i was surprised to think that the owner is a very playful person. according to the information i later learned from the local shopkeepers, the man opened this company to his mistress. when i thought about it, i said yes, maybe the man made a more logical move than ever by putting this name. ltd.şti. ltd.şti. both overt and mysterious, a bit of a bastard but never denying himself


dwight schrute: this is second life. it doesn't have winners or losers. jim: has losers. (see the office)

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