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i loved you, you left, you lost, you lost


(see #68944529)


fortunately, he said "yallah to arabia" in the sweetest way, otherwise i wouldn't be able to get to know him for a while. it has very funny videos. i laughed to my heart's content, at their jokes and their moods. and if my feelings don't deceive me, he is the author of the sour.


he has conquered our hearts once again with his censored make-up video and sending it to arabia, oh my god, long live :)


he is one of the 4 the video siters who succeeded to take part in the change ambassadors selected by video site and consisting of 27 people, together with his partner Özgür turhan. the other two video siters are İlker gümüşoluk, who made a name for himself with his videos of apartment chats with celebrities, and barış Özcan, who is very popular with me. the edit that came after 3 months: the video they uploaded on their election as a change ambassador.


he did it with the comment he wrote on the last "tales for grown-ups: pinocchio and paid military service" video he shot. --- spoiler --- for those who find my outfit obvious;…an-vizesi/ --- spoiler ---


“i could swear i saw a finger. i apologize to those who were provoked by this" video site/watch?v=0cykvapcjjq hahaha if only half of these country girls were like the sea. don't perfect generations grow up? may or may not be able to catch up, this is a job for deniz :))


video siter who uploaded his latest video 2 months ago. public humor pattern uploaded 5 months ago. either convince Özgür or at least you can take something from a fairy tale for the grown-ups and put it in*, it's really inedible. video site is a tasteless, inconsistent, boring place without you. you are loved, don't make yourself miss that much.

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