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i don't like it if nothing happens to me. where is your sour soul, praises were made to the girl. by the way, yes, i criticized it as someone who couldn't put two words together in public. bye


one of the most successful actors in the jet set. his blue screen response of "huh..." is so common among those rich spoiled girls. by the way, i was falling for the helin suyilmaz type that he took for ti, but i got to know him thanks to the jet society. thanks to his determinations, he can become one of the future comedians: video site/watch?v=ppgfk0rfiwq


although she has very few followers on instagram, gülse birsel follows and likes many of her videos. i think he will definitely take this lady and our daughter in his next project. i'm sick of the know girl series of primary school denizzz..


social media phenomenon that i knew a few months ago through the parents' whatsapp group video. i watched all his other videos as well, i find his observations clever and himself very funny. i think it's very successful. his acting talent was noticed in the videos anyway, his role in the series is very parallel to the characters in his characters. briefly seated. someone said don't worry, you won't be discovered. if she laughed, birsel found it funny and included it in her tv show, i think it's enough if she's discovered so much.


guess there are those who expect a broadway performance from the girl. man, he opened a channel on video site. what else? if he was a professional actor, i think we've seen it in tv series so far. but i say again, she is an actress and suits the screen better than most actresses who say i am an actress. i repeat the example dears. what are you doing in this country while we are trying to push your belçim scholar to us? mallara edit: i don't know. does not age. i am an engineer. hail the goods.


so far, i've seen someone who is an instagram phenomenon and makes quality humor. i didn't know he was playing in serials as well. i met him through a friend, i became addicted. his gestures, tone of voice and detection are very successful.


i don't understand, many writers wrote that deniz is very unattractive or something. i wondered if there was a problem with me. i watched her videos again, she has a strange talent, i think she will be very successful, although everyone who wants their own opinion praises it. my humble advice is for those who don't mind, well, the tree that bears fruit will be stoned, don't be afraid to do what you know well.


the reason why i watch the jet set. even if it's a little exaggerated, his facial expressions are good. i hope the world is not like nurhayat, whose end is a lie.