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they should find and keep my ex too x) mk girl


the organization that can cause things like procedure-110-montauk, scp-682, scp-173, scp-002, scp-087 to find their place in your nightmares.


it's a narrative that i came across for the first time on efe aydal's video site channel.. horror stories about dangerous objects.. he was saying other scps or something. i looked at what is scp and there are really different stories.. the first sample story i listened to: video site/watch?v=kdteesv2tg4 this is the scp video: video site /watch?v=yx4khgngcku


it's not a marble hornets, but it definitely does the job.


a collection of spooky content produced by 4chan, the internet's asshole. click here for a 20-minute documentary-narrative.


fictitious company in which various creatures are housed for experimental purposes. something like outlast's murkoff company. here he made various classifications for his subjects. like outlast the game.


it's a very solid build. it is not well known on the internet. with the help of someone like guillermo del toro and a quality, thoughtful film, it can make 1000 times the impact of the blair witch project.

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