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according to the rumor: a siverek tribesman goes to visit an old friend he loves very much in the hospital. the old man is on the verge of death. they explain the situation, they don't understand, they don't want to accept it. says call the doctor. the doctor comes, tries to explain: + my brother we tried everything. tip careless... it doesn't respond to chemotherapy either. but gets angry. they start shouting. after the doctor said the last chemotherapy: - who is this chemo? bring the phone here if it's hungry. find this chemo hippo. if the cure is chemo, find it and bring it.


friend of mine who worked in siverek told me. one day, while driving on the road with his car, he cannot convince an old uncle who is walking in the middle of the road to step aside, even though he honks a lot of horns. finally he stops his car, opens the door and shouts at the uncle, why don't you step aside. uncle turns very calmly and says "i'm supposed to be a tree" and continues walking in the middle of the road. i think uncle was really creative.


the site address where you can follow the information and news about siverek is


the texas of southeastern the country, which is closer to diyarbakir than anliurfa, both in terms of geography and mentality.


the county where the answers from the municipality were announced one by one in the university exam held years ago. as far as i know, the exams of the students who took the exam in that county that year were deemed invalid.


"siverek province became a district with the law numbered 877 published in the official ceride dated 26.06.1926 and numbered 404." tbmm album


formerly connected to diyarbakir, to which it was already closer, and connected to urfa in the republican period. anyway, no siverek does not see himself as urfa, they say either siverek or diyarbakır. the black stones used in the construction of the houses are famous, but the number of houses built with these stones is decreasing day by day. interestingly, the birth date of 30 thousand of this district's population of one hundred thousand was recorded as 01.01... in the population records.